The Maxwell's

February 12, 2019

December 31st 2018, Stacey and Rob became husband and wife.


Stacey decided on choosing the 4 hour package, which was the perfect amount of time for me to capture all that she needed! Stacey and Rob's wedding was an intimate one held on Rob's family farm, just ten minutes out of Whakatane and huddled right next to the fast flowing Whakatane River. The perfect spot for an outdoor wedding! And a lot of locations for me to choose from to photograph my beautiful subjects! I was very fortunate!


Stacey requested for me to begin my day at the location of their reception to capture the set-up that was created! I wasn't going to be there for the actual time of the reception so it was important for Stacey to get some shots of the set-up as remembrance! This spot was very exciting for me because the venue was draped in fairy lights! The bokeh (:the out-of-focus area of the image, usually seen as faint circles in the background) was serving me a treat in this instance! I thought I'd test out a trick I had learnt via YouTube which was holding your cellphone underneath the lens to create a 'mirrored effect' in the image! By having your phone (screen turned off) held at the bottom quarter of your lens and slightly tilted upward you are creating a reflection in your image. I found this so fascinating and desperately needed to try this so thought this venue would be the perfect spot to try! And thankfully I was not disappointed as it worked a treat! I will provide the image in the gallery so you can see for yourself. It just added a bit of a creative element to the image and there-fore made it a bit more exciting! I am always trying to learn new tricks to use in my photos and I find the best way to uncover these tricks is definitely through YouTube!


Once finished at the reception I carried on to where the women were, Rob's grandparents house which was conveniently right next to Rob's parents house (where the Ceremony was held). During this time I captured the women getting their last touch-ups done and proceeded to then photograph the women together and separately! 


Now it was time for the biggest part of the day! Rob and his men made their way down the grass covered aisle accompanied by some friendly cows that were watching over the festivities along with the fellow guests! The sun truly made its presence known on this special day, wrapping itself over everyone it really was a true summer/kiwi day! Impatiently waiting for his bride, Stacey slowly paces down the aisle escorted by her parents. You can see Rob's eyes light up as he catches a glimpse of his bride for the first time. With special words shared and rings exchanged they were now able to have that first kiss as Mr and Mrs Maxwell. And from there the true celebrations started! As they walk down the aisle arm-in-arm the guests make sure flower petals are flown above the newly weds heads and falling upon them... followed by the parents of the married couple, arms are thrown in the air with pure enjoyment and celebration.


After the family and friend's group photos are done we are whisked away by two utes and taken to the nearby river. This is where I captured the bridal party photos and intimate shots of the married couple. The lighting was perfect, not too harsh and with the sun low enough for me to capture my all-time-favourite lens flare! I practice the mirrored shot again and am proud to say it worked for the second time! Am excited to keep utilising and perfecting this trick in future events! These photos are where you can get especially creative because you have the chance to curate your subjects. I always am researching through the internet and getting ideas on ways to assemble a bridal party because depending on the size of the bridal party this can be hard sometimes! But as you're photographing, naturally ideas can make themselves known simply just by the way the bridal party are standing amongst themselves unaffectedly. 


My New Years Eve was definitely one to remember, thank you so much to Stacey and Rob for having me along for the celebrations and allowing me the opportunity to document some very special memories for you all! You both compliment each other perfectly, I can see and feel why you two are together! Both very kind people who are always up for a laugh! I wish you all the best for your future together and look forward to seeing your family grow! Thank you again for having my apart of your very special day!


Much love,

Me xxx