The Ruffell's

February 12, 2019

December 21st 2018, Isabella and Ben became Mr and Mrs Ruffell.


My day began with the women of the bridal party. Nestled in a quiet area in Remuera I photographed the bride and her three bridesmaids getting ready. Sometimes this part of the shoot can be hard because you never really know what surroundings you're going to be working with until you get there. It could be a dark house that doesn't let in much light or it could be the opposite. Either way you have to work with what you've got. And because of this you're always going to be learning and experimenting as a photographer... different ways to use light, different angles to use to appropriately order an image etc. In this case, Bella's mum had a great home that let in a lot of light... I was spoilt! 


Bella was now all ready, just her dress left to put on. Her mum and maid of honour (sister) assisted her and helped her with the finishing touches. Her dad was left to see her in all her glory, he was sitting on the leather couch waiting for her to come around the corner. Dress and veil falling behind her, her dad sees her for the first time as his little girl, Bella The Bride. Looking up at her from the couch he points, followed by a well-deserved thumbs up! This was a very special moment for the family, not a dry eye in the house. 


I head off to the venue of the Ceremony and am greeted by the boys of the bridal party. All rustling in the room to get their suits and ties on. A couple of innocent incidents later and the boys were all raring to go! Throughout my time with the boys and girls separately I like to dedicate a plan to do the very important 'detail shots'. This is when I'll photograph maybe the rings together before they're placed on their forever-homes or the bouquets, details of the dress, suits etc. The options are endless!


HERE COMES THE BRIDE... arriving in a beautiful vintage car, Bella and the gang are now here. For this part of the event I always try to capture the bride arriving to the venue because a lot of the time they're getting driven in style! A special, vintage, family car or even just a vehicle you've always dreamt of having! I quickly snap the girls candidly with dad in tow before they eventually line up and proceed down the aisle. There are alway special moments hidden through this time because this is when daughter and father are alone, together, arm-in-arm for those few split seconds before walking down the aisle... always try to notice and/or capture (if you're the photographer) these moments because these can be the most special (last few words shared with each other or even just sentimental looks of love). 


And then the rest is history... Ben got to see his bride for the first time and you could see and feel his heart melt into his shoes. I really felt the love these two share. Their constant laughter and smiles they have for one another, I could see why they were getting married. I know that every couple argues from time-to-time but you like to think that for the most part it is fun and happy and buoyant and this is what anyone can see when meeting the beautiful pair!


Thank you so much to Isabella and Ben for wanting me to document your very special day! I had such a special time with you all and hope I can assist with a few more milestones in the future ;)

All the best for your future and I can't wait to meet baby Ruffell!


Much love,

Me xxx