Ellen and Joshua Thorn

January 21, 2019

December 8th 2018 Ellen and Joshua were wedded as Mr. and Mrs. Thorn.


Our day began at the boys whereabouts... I would photograph them helping each other adjust ties and applying cufflinks to each others shirts. I always like to get shots of their blazers lined up together along with detail shots of the ties (this shot was particularly special as Ellen had made the ties herself) and shoes! The boys had a quick skull of their wine to begin the day and then I was off to where the ladies were situated.


The ladies were getting ready at the location of the Ceremony and Reception... Ellen's family home! Their home is nestled in the rolling hills of South East Auckland. A beautiful dense bush hugs the side of their home and this is where the Ceremony was held. Ellen's grandfather built the beautiful skeleton of a church for her and Josh's celebration and boy it was amazing! Such a sentimental offering! The arches framed every angle of the bush and this made it easy for me to capture nice surroundings for the images!


Another note I'd like to add is Ellen created an embroidery piece for each of her beautiful bridesmaids... such a nice idea to gift onto bridal party members, family members... anyone! As this gift will last a lifetime and has major sentimental value!


Now time for the Ceremony... I quickly popped over to the church and wanted to capture the boys all lined up waiting for the bride to make her appearance, at the same time I like to capture the Ceremony as a whole because this way you get a glimpse as to who was all there etc. I scurried back to where the ladies were waiting to start their anticipated walk down the bushes aisle. 

Ellen made her appearance and Josh couldn't hold back his happy tears, it was such a beautiful and emotional Ceremony enriched with love and happiness! 


Once the Ceremony was over I lead the Bridal Party to locations that I thought was fitting (I was very spoilt for choice) for the Bridal Party Photos. Beautiful, green fauna draped over my subjects... 

I noticed a paddock with long waving grass close by that I knew I wanted to photograph the Bridal Party in and so we did. The sun was at the perfect position in the sky for me to achieve a silhouette shot but also to achieve good, soft highlights on the faces. 


And then to end the night there was incredible food, beautiful speeches and I'm sure a lot of dancing! 


Thank you so much to Ellen and Joshua for having me document your special day, I had a lot of fun getting to know you all! And Ellen, your dad has the most infectious and big smile I have ever seen! Your whole family made me feel so welcome! You both are surrounded by such beautiful and loving people, it is awesome to see! 


Much love,

Me xxx