Nancy and Bryce's Wedding

October 23, 2018

September 29th, 2018 Nancy and Bryce became husband and wife! 


This wedding was something special. A very personal wedding that consisted of very close family and only the closest of friends, and thats all they both needed and wanted!


This wedding was situated at an old and un-used quarry called Te Puna Quarry just out of Tauranga. This quarry is now used as a park for people to enjoy the scenery, gardens and its good walks for people and their dogs to enjoy!


As Nancy was walking down the aisle they had a beautiful pianist who doubled as a singer performing softly in the background. Nancy's eldest son gave her away to her husband-to-be, Bryce. During the ceremony there were tears and laughter and even more singing... But by the bride herself! She had organised with the pianist this surprise for Bryce, a song that Nancy feels is close to her heart and represents their love together perfectly. 


I had such a lovely time on this day, while photographing these two I could really feel the love they have for one another... I was capturing a moment between the two, Nancy and Bryce were hugging and then all of a sudden, as Nancy is gripping onto Bryce she starts to silently cry. Her eyes were closed tightly as she squeezed her husband tightly and at this moment I started to well up and shed a tear myself... it was such an intimate moment that I felt no one really gets to see very often. It was a moment where no one had to speak to share how they were feeling, instead it was a feeling that was shared through silence. It was really something special.


Thank you so much to you both for allowing me to document such a special day, I really felt the love you have for one another and it was beautiful to be apart of!


Much love,

Me xx