A Markovina Vineyard Estate, Auckland Wedding

Updated: Nov 22

The 30th of October 2020 was the big day... Sam and Michael become husband and wife!

The original plan for this wedding was for it to be had in March, but good old Covid had reared its ugly head by then and plans had to slightly change. Nevertheless, there was an amazing celebration to be had and nothing was going to change that!

My day began in the vines of Markovina Vineyard Estate, waiting with an eager husband-to-be for his bride to come along and tap him on the shoulder for a 'first look'. This is always an exciting part of the day; being a fly on the wall of what is a very special and intimate moment. This isn't your so called 'traditional' way of first seeing your bride but it is fast becoming a new-age curve of the tradition.

We then ventured through the estate and completed our next hour or so documenting the bridal party photos. With this being done it was time to wait underneath the arch of flowers ahead of the row of guests standing by for our bride to make her appearance down the grassy aisle.

We all know what happens next... The exchanging of rings, the I-Do's and the kiss. A promise to be yours and only yours until the rest of our days!

This is where the entertainment begins. Drinks being poured, some great (and amusing) dance moves being made and maybe making some choices we question by sunrise. All apart of the fun that make up great stories for an awesome wedding celebration!

Thank you so much again to Sam and Michael for having me document your very special day! I am so lucky to capture such special memories in your lives together! You are both surrounded by such loving and fun people who I was lucky enough to meet! Keeping me entertained all afternoon!!!

Much love,

Me xxx

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