A South Canterbury, NZ Wedding

Updated: Nov 22


And so my year began with a complete bang! I am totally claiming this as my second overseas wedding (haha) because I got to fly down to the South Island for this special ceremony! Theres something about photographing in the South Island... its vast landscapes offer such diversity for your images! As long as you are always moving around and keeping an eye out you'll always manage to capture something special down there!

Rosie and Chris's wedding was situated on Rosie's incredible family farm in a small country town named Pleasant Point in South Canterbury. Their ceremony sat pretty, right on top of the farm which had the most amazing aerial-quality views!

With the rings and kiss exchanged it was time to carry on the celebrations!

Rosie's parents farm offered so many options for me when it came to photographing the bridal party... from the incredibly manicured gardens to the long and wild grass on the sweeping hills! I sure was lucky!

Thank you so much to Rosie and Chris for flying me down for this special day! I had so much fun and wish you both the best for your beautiful future together!

Me xxx

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