Couple Portrait's in the heart of Venice - ITALY

Updated: Nov 22

I felt this extra series was important to share. Find yourself a best friend 🤍 Where dancing in the middle of a courtyard in the centre of Venice doesn’t scare you… because you are intertwined and clutching fingers with someone who makes you feel so heard, so seen and so loved that nobody else truly matters. You are living so intently, living purely in that moment in time. Smiling, swaying and flying through a time with someone who understands, loves and adores you. How beautiful is that? Find your very own dance partner to share this beautiful life with. Find your person who sees you and hears you. There is nothing more powerful and special that that! I assure you of this ❤️ I hope like me, you can see the love in her eyes, the way she looks at him. It is so apparent in these images! Do not settle for anything less than this!

This British couple I found enjoying sharing their special moments together by dancing with smiles so bright! It was contagious! I needed to approach them to document this gorgeous moment! I hope you love these captured intimate moments of an act so simple yet so powerful shared between two best friends and lovers. The way it should be.

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