A Fairy Forest, Bay Of Plenty Wedding

Updated: Nov 22

Kayla and Tyler Warren

These two said and celebrated their "I-Do's" on the 30th of January 2021!

Wow wow wow, talk about a beautifully serene and sentimental day! As all of the weddings I photograph are but when your big day is held where you grew up it always adds a bit more of that special touch!

The Warren's Ceremony and Reception was held beneath the orchard tree's on Kayla's family farm. A place where her and her sister grew up. A lot of memories are kept here that the family of four share with each other so for her parents to have their daughters wedding celebrated in the same place she was raised would have been particularly special!

The trees encased the bride and groom and their guests, sheltering us from the beautiful summer sun that day. A close and intimate wedding party got to witness and share the wonderful experience of the couple exchanging their beautiful vows and of course their first kiss.

I then whisked the bridal party away for their photos. I did not have to travel far to see where some great photo opportunities were. Kayla is quite the fan of everything mystical and magical... and it just so happens on the family property they have a decent sized forest. So of course, we had to use this beautiful landscape to capture some of our portraits that related to Kayla's love for everything mythical! And boy, did that forest deliver! Some of my favourite shots from their day were taken in that wee forest!

From there it was my time to go and I'm sure the rest of their day and night was spent creating even more magical memories!

So I thank Kayla and Tyler so much for trusting me to capture their very special day! I had so much fun capturing your I-Do's and everything in between! And I'm sure for you Kayla, that family orchard was already special, but now... it holds even more sentimental value for not only you but your husband now too. How beautiful is that!

Thank you so much again for having me you two, it was such a pleasure!

Much love,

Me xxx

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