A BOP Backyard Celebration

Updated: Nov 22

Casey and Otis became ONE on the 14th of November 2020!

SO... my journey with these two began with the birth of their baby girl Hiva back in March! I was asked by Casey to document the beautiful early stages of Hiva as an earth-side baby and what a treat that was. I believe that was one of the first photo sessions I had done using my new Fujifilm x100v camera which quickly became the main camera I use to this day!

Fast forward 8 months and there I was documenting yet another amazing milestone for the couples lives together. Their marriage!

I am a very grateful person, knowing I have the duty of playing such a big role in peoples lives and to be ASKED to do so is such an honour that I will never take for granted. I take my job very seriously and only wish to please every encounter I make with my photography. I am aware some days won't go to plan but its important to always find the beauty in any given situation and this is something I aim to achieve with my work. BUT, in Casey and Otis's case, everything went to plan, it was all smooth sailing and was a beautiful time to be apart of and capture!

Anyway, let me get back on track... the sun really came out to play for their union. A ceremony held on Casey's families property added to the very sentimental day! I think that is such a special idea to take advantage of if you can; to celebrate your marriage on family property, it will hold a lot of sentimental value to the pictures we capture and for you to look back on! So this in itself was a very special part of their day! The bridal party were then whisked away in Casey's dad's amazing, vintage blue Toyota truck and taken to a gorgeous and picturesque river out the back of the property. This is where I captured a lot of the photo's you can see below!

The rest of the evening was spent with hilarious speeches, amazing tongan rituals, some tears and of course a lot of love!

Thank you so much to Casey and Otis for asking me to photograph your beautiful day, I had a lot of fun being with you and your loved ones and I am so very thankful to be able to say I was able to be there to watch two best friends become one!

Much love,

Me xxx

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