A Kumeu Valley Estate Wedding

Updated: Nov 22


Caitlin and Corey Nehez

This was when COVID-19 had rared its ugly head in NZ. Word well and truly got out about this frightening virus and hand sanitiser became a must-have in your bag/car/pocket. BUT, this virus was not about to effect the mood and atmosphere of this incredible day! Corey is from Australia, so unfortunately the virus did stop a lot of his family and friends making the trip over for the celebration. But, in times like this you learn to get creative... and so they attached a phone to a stand and had it pointing towards the arch and thanks to live view Corey's family and friends were able to witness the whole Ceremony!

Caitlin and Corey met in Bali. Caitlin was on an exciting friend's trip and Corey I assume was doing the same! Meeting at one of Bali's pool parties, this set the pair up for an exciting future together... Corey eventually made the move over to NZ and the two have since had a gorgeous boy together! And I'm sure the babies won't stop there ;)

A beautiful Ceremony set under a floral growth at the Kumeu Valley Estate. The reception was also just as special, as Corey's father had beautifully recorded his 'Father of the Groom' speech which was then played on a projector at the venue. Knowing that they would have done anything to be there for their son's big day naturally gave you a lump in your throat when watching his lovely speech.

Thank you so much for the laughs, tears and happiness that was shared on your special day Caitlin and Corey. You make a beautiful pair and I know you two will only share so many more laughs and good-times with your future together!

Me xxx

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