An Auckland Bouncy Castle Wedding

Updated: Nov 22

Alysha and Ryan became husband and wife on the 5th of December 2020.

Wow! What a beautiful celebration this day was! Exchanging rings as husband and wife underneath a sky full of trees, a curated bridal-party dance show and to top it all off... a blast from the past - Mr Whippy ice creams to make your night that bit sweeter!

Alysha and Ryan decided to share their 'first look' together before the ceremony at Alysha's mothers house in front of all those closest to the couple. This was something special for their loved ones to intimately be a part of and share with the pair as they began their new journey in life together.

Alysha, Ryan and their bridal party were then whisked away by not one, not two... but THREE incredible cars. Now I'm not very car savvy but what I do know is that two were beautifully vintage and one was very flash and modern! Haha... I'm useless, I know!

Thank you so much to Alysha and Ryan for having me be apart of your wonderful day. Documenting your wedding was full of fun, laughter and tears. Unfortunately, because Ryan and his family are from South Africa a big chunk of his family could not be there to help celebrate. They were joined via video call projected from a TV to the wedding party. Of course this was not the same as them all physically being there but we are very lucky during a terrible time like this to be living in a world that enables us to easily connect virtually. This has been a strange year for us all, and heres to hoping it goes back to a (new) normal soon.

Thank you so much again to the Hilder's for having me, I had a lot of fun and good-luck for your beautiful future together!

Me xxx

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