St Matthews Church Wedding, Auckland

Updated: Nov 22

November 17th, 2018 Hope and Jerome tied the knot!

Hope + Jerome Tafa

This was a beautiful and large celebration for the Tafa pair. A lot of family, and lot of friends came to celebrate this special day.

The bride and her bridal party began their day in a beautiful top floor suite in central Auckland. The groom and his men spent their morning in an awesome air b'n'b near Remuera. Anxiously getting ready, they knew they were in for a treat come the Ceremony.

We arrived at the Ceremony held at the St Matthews Church in the CBD. I had NEVER been to a church as spectacular as this one... a damn dream for a photographer! So many photo opportunities in this church so you can understand the excitement I felt when entering this unreal building!

This ceremony was beautifully cultural, was a very enlightening experience for me.

Then... the PARTY BUS arrives! Such a fun time for a bridal party, a very cool way to get around while having a few (or a lot of) drinks!

The party bus driver drops us off at a look-out point near Mission Bay, also a lot of photo opportunities here. We had heaps of keen tourist on-lookers very interested in what we were doing... There were a lot of us so must of looked quite impressive to the public!

And then we ventured back to where the reception was and I left the group from there to let them enjoy the rest of their night with family and friends :)

Thank you so so much to the lovely Hope and lovely Jerome for having me apart of your incredible day. To have the opportunity to document such amazing moments in your lives never gets old! I had such a fun time with you all and hope we see each other again in the future!

Much love,

Me xxx

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