Waiotahi, Bay Of Plenty Wedding

Updated: Nov 22

On the 3rd of March 2018, Olivia and Jesse were officially wedded as Mr. and Mrs. Groot.

This Wedding was definitely one to remember for the friends and families of the Groot pair. Olivia and Jesse made sure to achieve a minimalistic, authentic and euphoric Wedding to share with their loved ones... and that they did! Chuck a few (hundred) stag antlers in the picture and twinkling lights and this is what really tied it all together.

Our day started with the bride and her maids at her fathers house in the beautiful Ohope. A STUNNING beach-side home perched on the dunes of the East end of Ohope's shores. Makeup was spread across the table with the bride getting her final touch-ups done by the artist. The ladies then rushed up the stairs and about 5 minutes later all you can hear is hysteric laughter coming from the top of the stairway, to only find out that the chicken fillets weren't co-operating with one of the girls boobs!

I then ventured off to where the Ceremony was held which was on the coast of Waiotahi, Opotiki. A very sweet and humble arch was sat on the beach with beautiful white chairs surrounding it, ready for the bride and groom to officially be husband and wife. As I was photographing the incredible set-up of the marque and everything neighbouring it I then notice a BIG, shiny, blue truck arriving to the scene. Once this beast parked up, out comes the groom and his men. They march off towards the arch together and assemble themselves in a row to now wait for the beautiful bride.

Anxiously sipping (sculling) his beer he then see's a Jeep pulling up. One by one the ladies step out of the vehicle and make their way down the sandy aisle and to the arch way. Olivia's father then passed his daughters hand over to Jesse's and the Ceremony began.

A lot of laughter and happy tears followed within the bridal party and crowd and after the exchangement of rings, "I-Do's" and a kiss they were officially husband and wife.

The bridal party and I then got to have a ride in the huge and awesome truck (highlight). We were driven a couple hundred metres down the road to have some pictures done in the dunes and on the beach. Followed by a venture to a nearby bush where more photographs were taken as the sun was slowly descending. Bridal Party photos and intimate photographs between the bride and groom have got to be my favourite because I get to truly explore and grow my creative flare.

Once we arrive back to the reception the speeches were to be had. The laughter continued with all of the funny and touching insight people had to share on this beautiful relationship that grew between the two.

The hungry tummies then had to be made full by the awesome spread of food followed by the cake-cutting from the bride and groom that I'm sure people were eagerly ready to indulge in.

Thank you so much to Olivia and Jesse for having me apart of your incredible elopement. The relationship you both share is so admirable and natural! It was a pleasure to see! I wish you both endless happiness and love!

Love, me xxx

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