A Coastlands Beach Wedding

Updated: Nov 22

On the 24th of February 2018, Kimberley and Rene were officially wedded as Mr. and Mrs. Kapa.

This was my first Wedding of the season and DAMN was it an amazing day/night. The sun really shone for the Kapa's special day.

I was arranged to meet Kim at her house early afternoon along with her bridesmaids to photograph them while they were getting their makeup and hair done. I am so lucky with my line of work because I have the chance to visit places I would never have got the chance to if I wasn't a photographer and Kim's house definitely takes your breath away! Nestled in amongst the greenery of NZ native bush, it seems to ground you! The frequent rhythm of a Cicada's song and the chirping of the NZ birds is all you can hear.

Then I was off to where the Ceremony was held. Outside the Kapa's house on the dunes of Coastlands beach. This too was a house and setting to remember!

As I am photographing the Groom waiting (impatiently I'm sure) for his Bride to arrive I realise he becomes more and more serious as the minutes go by. Only to realise, the time is becoming closer and closer for him to see his beautiful Bride.

Kim finally steps out of that stunning, maroon coloured, vintage car (if only I could provide you with the name of it, I am horrible with car names hehe) and she has made her way down the sand dune isle... arm and arm with her dad.

Ren can't help but let that tear escape his eye as he sees Kim for the first time as his Wife-To-Be.

The ceremony was everything you'd expect it to be, and more... you could feel the pure love between these two and it would beam from their shining smiles and eyes for one another.

We then celebrated with some Bridal Party photographs set on Coastland's Beach. Pukana's and Piggy-backs seemed to be the theme of this shoot :P

Once all necessary photographs were taken we were off to The Brook, in Edgecumbe for the Reception.

The Kapa pair were greeted with an amazing Haka performed by whoever wanted to take part in the ceremonial chant.

The rest of the night was filled with lots of laughter, lots of singing and lots of LOVE! My kind of night!

This is one Wedding that I won't forget and I'm sure everyone who was apart of this incredible Ceremony can agree.

Thank you again to Kim and Rene for choosing me, I am forever grateful!

Love, me xxx

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