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about your photographer.

From Whakatāne to Auckland and beyond. I call Aotearoa home.

my story and the reason why
I will live as a  professional portrait photographer
for the rest of my days...

At the end of 2016, just two weeks before my 21st birthday I was hit with the dreaded news of having the 'C' word.

Cancer taught me a lot about life and shaped it to be what it is today.

Which is why I am super grateful for that part of my journey.

I now live a life where waking up on Mondays is not a drag because I am doing what I love most; documenting your most precious moments! 

Making you happy through my craft has been the best part of the recipe for a happy and fulfilling life. And this will always be the drive for me doing what I love to do.

So let me take you on a fun ride and show you that not all photoshoots have to be the same! Your experience with me will be one that even your husband found enjoyable! #winning!

I will provide you with photos that will leave you wanting more...

That best tell your story with captured moments that encapsulate the essence that is you!

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your photographer in her natural habitat.

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what people had to say about me...

facts about me.


I am a real hopeless romantic and my first ever crush was on Jesse McCartney.


I'm a farm girl and grew up with my 3 brothers (childhood = EPIC).


Hearing someone chew loudly or with their mouth open is my BIGGEST hate.


I wanted to be a cartoonist when I was little.


I tripped over a tiny picket fence in front of a crowd of 1000... The story gets worse.

I had an ice-cream in my hand and when I fell to the ground my strawberry ice cream was in my face. I made everyone laugh that day.

if my ice-cream story has

sold you, then click here and

let's get talking!

I would love the chance to document your special memories!

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